Tuesday, October 27, 2009

At last...

Well I wanted to come in here to update while I have a little bit of time. Mikey's grandparents will be here to today and I have to finish getting ready for that. So far things are going good except for the lack of sleep. Mikey has taken well to breastfeeding although at times the pain is a bit much, I do still enjoy it. We also started baby cloth this week. He still has a ton of newborn disposables that I have been trying to use but I really do just love him in his little fluffy butt!

Re: Progress....well its going fantastic and I couldn't be happier with the changes my body is going through on a daily basis. I did take starting pictures yesterday that I plan to post in about 2 weeks when I have some comparison photo's. I'm already down 18lbs and expect to be at my prepregnancy weight in a week or 2 at most. I will explain that later in more detail regarding weight gain etc.... I'm hoping to be cleared to begin training again so I'm anxiously awaiting my 6week appointment. Until then diet is all about nutrition and I'm keep things in perspective with what I am eating and the weight is coming off 'without' exercise at the moment. Suprisingly, it hasn't been that much of a transition for me going back to eating healthy (something which was a little short than lackluster during my pregnancy). At the moment I'm really just making sure I get 3 healthy meals in and 2/3 snacks a day. My food is not competition clean because thats not something I plan to starting doing for awhile. When it's time to track and count again I'm sure I'll have many complaints. HA!

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