Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Home is where the heart is

I'm coming off of a really great christmas that just exceeded my expectations. What's different this year is that I have Mikey and I've never felt the warmth and love of a family not your blood. I may have not been able to go to my home, but you know they say..."Home is where the heart is" and this is truly how I felt. In my heart it just felt right and I've never been one to believe in blessings. Lately, I can't help but to feel this way and I'd say I'm happy to be apart of the family.

Mikey had a great Christmas and he got to meet all of his cousins but one (we miss you Maddy). They just ate him up and it warmed my heart to see how in love they were with him, just as I am. He truly is a blessing and the best thing that could have happened to me. So we just spent the weekend enjoying each other. I also was lucky enough that I got to see my granny, uncle and brother. On the last day I was a bit sad though because I had been away from Mikey all day and I was getting a bit anxious. But I'm so glad I had the chance to see him. It had been 2 years since the last visit and he was so happy to have us there.

And now that the holidays are almost over I will be able to post more. I also of course cannot wait to get back on program and start tracking again. I'm really really anxious to drop this last 30lbs and once I stop nursing it should get somewhat easier as I will be able to drop my calories to where they need to be for the weightloss I am expecting.

So I'm super excited about starting 2010 and all the new wonderful things I have to look forward to and I hope you all are too.

2010 is the year for NO EXCUSES!! Let's do it!!

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  1. Hey girl! SO glad your first Christmas with Mikey was an amazing one. There's something so spiritual with the babies being around.

    As for nursing and the weight loss, I'm still nursing, and Maddie will be six months old in two and a half weeks. The nursing will help the weight come off initially, but I feel like it's somewhat hindering my loss. I feel like it makes me hungrier!! 2010 is the year for no excuses...you're very right with that!