Monday, January 18, 2010

Hmmm, Se What's cookin'

So after a few days of not following plan I did manage to jump right back on track. Really I think I needed it and it really served as a refeed for me. In regard to that, just like most refeeds, it allowed me to drop a pound. Woohooot! So Mikey and I hit the store and boy oh boy, have I never had so many people ask me if I wanted cake in one day. haha! Before doing that we stopped at starbucks to get a coffee that I was really truly craving. However, instead of my usual I opted for a skinny latte. Although not as good without 55g sugar, it served its purpose and took the craving away. And for only 90 cals who can beat that. So my suggestion, for you coffee lovers....GO SKINNY!

Mikey and I also got some different items from the store. Got some sweet Italian chicken sausage that we haven't had in a long while. Also, some of that flavored greek yogurt, blueberry. I tried the vanilla initially and well....let's just say it tasted like arse, so low and behold I was a little skeptical to try this one. But surprisingly, it was okay. Not like my typical yoplait light but it was decent. And at 15g pro and 16g carb, you get more bang for you buck in macronutritients. Downfall to this is that the sugar is still relatively high at around 14g if I remember correctly. That does have almost the same amount of sugar as the yoplait light. I guess the biggest thing for me with this is that I'm able to get a few more grams of protein out of it.
Now on for dinner: Mike made this fab Jamaican chicken style dish. It's so so good and very healthy as well. Especially for those people not on a contest diet (you don't have to worry about sodium intake) and those just looking to eat relatively well and drop a few pounds in the process. To make it even healthier we added skinless chicken breast and some skinless chicken thighs, which if you keep the fat on only has 7g fat per 4oz. Not bad, right?! We topped it off with lots of carrots, some potatoes and green pepper and onion. This dish roasts for about 2hrs and you're left with some tender juicy goodness. Yumm, I especially love the carrots. Now, I would like to find a healthy good dish to make for next week. Something like this one that will last a few days. Any ideas?

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