Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Everyday is so NOT Peachy?!

Most days I wake up to my beautiful sweet boy and I am in the bestest of spirits when he smiles at me. Today, however, not so much! I'm tired, feeling stressed and a bit overwhelmed. I feel like I need a break and all I want to do is cuddle up in my bed without him. I'm feeling so run down today, sluggish and every bit of ansy I could muster up. Part of the problem is me being sleep deprived. The other part of the problem is probably the fact that I started intensely training again all the while trying to nurse, take care of a newborn, run a household and sleep where I can get in to fit in.

Yes, my child is like the Prince of all brats. He was brattier than I could handle yesterday. Always wanting me to hold him, crying and whinning for me to play with him and not taking any naps. Dayum...did this baby not get the memo. Mama thinks she is running things but apparently not because I'm on baby schedule. I really just want a break and the 2hr break I had after dropping him off downstairs to his daddy does not suffice! lol

I love my boy, I do. You all know I do. I just want him to be a good little boy today and do what Mommy tells him to do. Think that will happen? Anyone? HA!

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  1. wow,i cant tell ya HOW many of those days i have had.....the best advice is to get that well deserved break....ask a friend or the hubs to watch the baby while you shop,relax,whatever...AND do pump your milk in a bottle before you go so you have at least 3 hours of away time before the milk comes back...try to sleep when you can..i know when i was nursing and training for a show,it was very taxing on me physically and mentally...just hang in there chica! things will get better!!!