Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's all about progress....

So today I finally found the courage to test my bf%. It is not 100% accurate I know but will give me a good gauge point to start off with. I have to say I am relieved and happy with my current readings for a number of reasons. The main one being when I first started working out at 127lbs my bf% was almost the same as it is now and my current weight is almost 30lbs more than that. Secondly, this means that I've added quite a bit of muscle in the last 4 years! Third, this means that when I do get down to around 12% that I should be rather ripped. Definitely a lot more lean and vascular since I'm already starting at a much higher weight and lower bodyfat than I had been in the past. And forth, I mean come on... I did just have a baby and was expecting to see my bodyfat in the mid 30's. So yes, I am happy with my progress. Ok on to numbers:

Scale: 24.6% bf
Omron: 26.3%

And truthfully I've become quite good at eyeballing bf% so I think this is about right. So these are the numbers I am using to gauge my progress. It isn't in the teens like most of you but again, I am so so happy with where I am starting at considering the above. My goal is to get this number to 15% BF and maintain that until its time for me to compete. I'd like to compete at around 10%bf, which I've never been before. The lowest I've ever gotten is around 12%. So thats my challenge... To transform my body into the best condition I've ever had AFTER baby.

Weight wise I am still holding around 155ish. My scale says about 2lbs light but its just a number really. I feel great and I feel like I'm looking slimmer and slimmer so I am happy.

What else can I say?! I feel like life is good right now! I haven't been able to say that in forever but really I do have everything I could want and need at the moment. I have a healthy thriving baby boy, wonderful and supportive husband, I am healthy and getting in the best shape of my life fitness wise! That is what its about. Watch out now... More to come! ;)


  1. Awesome on the progress and good feelings Amber!! So happy to see you feeling so great and blessed :)

  2. yay!!so good to hear that you are feeling GREAT!!! and your goals are very realistic and i have no doubt you will reach and even exceed them! heres to more progress super mamma!