Monday, November 16, 2009

Another reason to celebrate

So I hit my prepregnancy weight which is reason to celebrate in my opinion. I've officially lost the 28lbs that I gained with Mikey in less than 4wks. I guess that's not really saying much if you all knew the backstory. Well, as it turns, I was already up 30lbs when I got pregnant with Mikey. You of the post competition rebound things. Then on top of that I found myself with pregnant and gained almost another 30lbs on top of that. So realistically, I still have at least 30lbs to go to reach my 'normal' weight and my plan is to hit that goal by March/April.
So the first step towards any goal is to have a plan. My plan was to have my first day back in the gym this morning, early this morning. Well I was way too tired because getting up every 3hrs is rough. So now I have figured it out that my gym time will need to be later in the day until Mikey is sleeping well through the night. So I'm feeling pretty darn good and I'm ready to tackle this.

In other news, last week turned out to be a decent one. Little Mike had a bad day on Monday of last week where if you remember, I seriously thought I was going to pull my hair out. Turns out he was just having a bad day which I'm told will happen often in the beginning. The rest of the week though was tiring but much more of a breeze. I even conquered my fears and went out with the baby alone for the first time. Then I did it two additional times. Needless to say, I feel quite comfortable taking him out for the most part now. He did really good all three times and sometimes he cries just because he wants his mommy to hold him. I've read you can't really spoil a newborn baby but he has a lot of moments where he could be dry and fed, yet crying to be held. All in all, I started to enjoy him much more after that first initial breakdown.
For the most part I am just free styling this whole mommy thing and taking one day at a time. I didn't read any books or watch any videos, I'm just using common sense and going with what seems natural. It's a learning process and no one way is the perfect way, and I think I'm doing a good job. I didn't initially think I could do it all and do it all by myself but I am. Mike and I love him so much and we ARE doing it! My mom would be so proud if she could see us now.

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