Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Everything happens for a reason..

This takes me way back to a time when I remember going through a lot of hurt and pain. At that time I was into filming and production and this is the name of a song that really pushed me through a rough time in my life, when things were hard, so hard that nightmares rarely escaped me. Now as I sit here typing, I can't help but to relive that time, the memories, the struggle, the heartache.... I've made it through it and I can't help but to think that my little boy happened for a reason. Just when you think there is no point, there all of a sudden is. In my darkest days after my mom's death, leading up to our relocation, heading face foward into new land, motherhood and all the other things that mattered so much then, rarely surfaces now! I wonder, really lingering.. now I feel like I have purpose, a reason to want to get up every single morning and do it all over again. Little Michael saved me and I suddenly feel all the hope, all the promise, all the possibility that got lost and blurred somewhere along the way to me finding out who I am, where I belong and what matters most in the smallest bit of precious time we have! I want to get up and do it all over again for him. So they say... everything happens for a reason. I believe he was/is MY reason!!!


  1. A very beautiful post Amber. The pic really says it all!!!!

  2. Beautiful post! You are an amazing person and I am glad I got to know you and your family. You look so happy in this pic!!