Monday, November 9, 2009

Happy Monday

Finally I'm getting a moment to myself. The little pumpkin is sleeping in his swing courtesy of one of his aunt. Last night was rough...I can't complain too much though because it seems like Mikey is on the every 3hrs schedule. Its just that sometimes he is up for a full 2 hrs in the middle of the night right after a feeding so that means that I was pratically getting sleep in 1-2hr incriments. So I was a bit tired all morning but was able to get the little one down for a 2hr nap and then I napped myself after washing his dipes. Now I guess you can say I'm feeling a little bit more rejuvenated. YEAH!!!

Mikey is also 3wks old today and can stand (not by himself), rollover and has even started smiling more and making new noises. Babies really do grow up so quick. He is already so much heavier and bigger than he was when he was born. Both his grandma's called to check up on him today as well, which is really nice. Everyone loves the little pumpkin and here I was all worried about him being lonely having myself come from such a small family, but everyone seems to be taking well to the little guy and seems thoroughly interested in how he is doing.

On the fitness tip:.... I took progress pics!! I know...I know... I said I would post them but really I'm not up for the challenge just yet. I will say that progress is being made and hopefully I will have the courage to go ahead and post them in a few weeks or so.

So far here is the progress:

Weight at labor: 188lbs
Last check in weight: 172.5lbs
Today's weight: 163lbs

So I'm really happy (25lbs I mean come on! ;) ) about where I am especially since I have not been able to workout just yet. My weight did seem to stall for a bit but I just slightly tightened up my diet a little bit more to make sure that I was still progressing. I actually don't know when I will be able to workout. I thought that I was feeling well enough to start this week (on a full body split) but my tummy is still a bit tender and sore. It actually still hurts when I'm holding the little pumpkin and not wearing my post partum belt. So that was actually my quethat I need to take things a little more slowly and not rush things, so thats pretty much where I'm at guys.

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