Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Today will be better?!

I have to keep telling myself that or I might in fact go insane. Little man cried all day long. He would be fed and dipe dried and still crying. I have exclusively been breastfeeding and I'm sure that he is getting enough to eat because he is gaining and he has poo diapers at almost every changing. So I was thinking maybe he has colic? Well I don't know but I may call his doctor just for reassurance. In addition to that, the little guy barely slept all day yesterday except for a 2hr stretch and trust me, I was quite relieved because I got to nap as well. He would fall asleep and just as soon as he realizes that he isn't being held that is when he starts crying. He cried and screamed so much yesterday that I was nearly in tears myself by the time hubby got home which was around 8:45pm.

Everyone says it gets easier...Well when? Because this isn't really the fun part of being a SAHM at all. I'd rather be working or if I could have a nanny... I think that would be nice too. I will say that my baby is only 3wks and this is by far harder than having to go to any 9 to 5 job that I ever had. There is like no relief at all....nothing! Gawd...he is such a handful and parts of me can't help but to wonder if it is something that I did to him. Could it really be because I lacked that bonding experience with him when I was pregnant... Honestly, I wasn't really a nice person. Now I feel like he is making me pay for it?!

Moving along and upwards though....

Fitness front:.....still not any exercise happening here but I did want to post up my meals for the day. I know a few people that have been interested in seeing my meals and what I am eating. This is by no means perfect and I have to warn, I am not counting macros at the moment. It's just really eyeballing for portioning. I'm also eating extra things like cheese, bread and butter that I would not normally eat during a regular diet, but hey, I figure I can get away with it now since I am nursing and my body really does need the extra nutrients.

Meal 1: 2 whole eggs, 1.5 slices of real american cheese, 1 tspn butter, turkey sausage, large orange juice
Meal 2: Worldwide Pure protein bar
snack: baked cheeto's LMAO
Meal 3: Turkey hot dog, 1 slice or real american cheese, 1 slice honey wheat bread
snack: 100 cal pack and 1 gummies pack
Meal 4: Chicken thigh, chicken wing, roasted potatoes and carrots with bell pepper and onion
Meal 5: 2 white cheddar rice cakes, maple peanut butter (unmeasured)

So those are my meals and I pretty much eat the same thing every day with some substitutions. I've always been pretty boring when it comes to dieting and try to focus on eating for nutrition rather than taste. I will say though with these foods...they aren't clean by any means and they are very tasty. I enjoy them a lot so I'll probably be eating this for awhile with maybe some changes in my lean meats and adding in more veggies. It works for now and I'm still losing and keeping up with my milk supply at the same time and that's what is important.

Ok chow for now!


  1. Hey sweetie! I know you have had a hard morning but I know it will get better and don't think you did anything wrong (that is just crazy talk). Of course, I am not a mom but have tons of friends who had or have little ones and everyone says it gets better after the first couple of weeks, just hang in there.

  2. Thanks Alicia. He is doing so much better today. Maybe yesterday he just had a bad day. I still think he cries a bit more and he seems more clingy...always wants me to hold him or he is screaming. I hope this is just a phase and it really does get easier as the weeks pass.