Monday, November 23, 2009

Meal ideas...Anyone?

Happy Monday everyone!

I just got back from our 1 month checkup. Mikey has already gain 2lbs so he is 9.5lbs now and doing wonderful. We introduced a food to his diet this week (baby cereal) as suggested by my granny and MIL to help put the baby to sleep so that he sleeps longer at night. Seems to be the old school way of thinking and it didn't really work at all. didn't work at all. Mikey was still fussy and hardly slept through the night. I did tell his doc about our experiment and well, she said she doesn't recommend it until 4 months of age and then to be fed with a spoon, not in a bottle. It certainly doesn't harm the baby but she mentioned it could cause some food allergies for babies that are given cereal before 4 months of age but that it was not detrimental. Not sure I am going to continue this or not. I'm going to try some other things tonight and try to figure out a different techinque for putting him to sleep. Hopefully something sticks soon because I am tired.

Now about my title...I'm looking for creative meal ideas that are not healthy (does'nt have to be super clean) but something I can easily figure out macros for and that is easy to prepare. Specifically I need some preworkout meal ideas, but also others are appreciated. For all of you that know me, you know how boring my meals are when I am eating well. Thats because its easy for me and easy for me to keep up with, but now I want to branch out and try some other things.

Any ideas/Suggestions??? Remember easy to prepare...I'm no chef or anything. ;)


  1. I agree that it's best not to use the cereal for trying to get the baby to sleep better. Something I would do at times when M was that age, was to "cluster feed" at night. Which is basically, feeding every 60-90 minutes or so for the few hours before bedtime to kind of "top him off" and fill him up more before bed. I hnestly think the biggest thing to help a baby sleep at night is to have a routine and be sure he is eating a bunch during the day and not sleeping too much during the day, which could mean waking him up from naps if they last longer than 2-hours at once during the day.

    For meal ideas - I'm just as boring as you with those so I don't think I'm much help there. Sorry! :(

  2. Ok thanks Tina..I am going to try what you said..the clutster feeding to see if that helps. His pediatrician also recommended nighttime baths around 9pm and then anthr feeding after so I'm going to try that as well. He has already been sleeping a lot today, but yesterday he hardly slept at all...he was fussy so maybe that's why.

    And I think I'm going to discontinue the cereal. It made his poo kinda runny. Ewww...and you know how those EBF blowouts are.

    Thanks for the tip. I appreciate it.

  3. This is me Amber! I bulk cook all my chicken, fish, ect, and bulk cook all my veggies. Meals that work great for and I eat most of the time are huge salads. They are easy to prep- pre-prep and bring around with me. I am all about quality, easiness and TASTINESS most importantly.

    I eat a salad everyday with chicken, avocado, olive oil, roasted red peppers, broccol roasted, stalks and flowerets, salt/pepper, garlic, garlic powder, italian seasoning, redwine vinegar, the salad is spinach and sweet baby lettuce. I can give you amounts for examples of what I use just let me know!

    I also eat this often for dinner

    chicken 70 gms
    feta cheese 2 oz
    roasted mush
    roasted peppers (red)
    roasted tomato
    roasted broc
    olive oil 1 tbsp
    all the seasons I mentioned before
    redwine vinegar

    Basically, the chicken is done and the veggies are all pre cooked too (they keep for 5-7 days) I prep the salad, oil, seasonings, heat up all the other stuff in the microwave and throw on top of the salad, then add 2 oz of the vinegar, cut up a lot, then add cheese, stir in but not too much so it is still chunky. Then cut up some more and add more cheese and eat! oh and more vinegar and garlic powder too! Mmmm!

    I know you like nutbutter and that goes GREAT with this (breakfast for me)

    spinach (from frozen)
    redpeppers (roasted)
    feta cheese (full fat) 1 oz-1 1/2 oz
    nutbutter (on the side, eaten with but not mixed in with eggs)

    I cut up the eggs with the spinach, peppers and microwave (the eggs are already hardboiled, so I do that in bulk too) and last add the cheese!

    My shrimp mix

    Shrimp 100gms
    brocoli flowerets roasted
    feta cheese (or any cheese) 1/2 oz
    olive oil 1 tsp

    Mix all together

    side of nutbutter to eat with the mix (sunflower butter is the BEST)

  4. Thanks Morgan for the meal ideas. I first want to try the shrimp mix. That sounds pretty darn good.